Lapauw - Shaping the laundry business since 1950

Did you know that the flexible chest technology is in fact a Lapauw development? And the “steamless laundry” concept would not even exist if it wasn’t for the gas heated ironers, a technology that saw the light in the Lapauw factory. Ever since the very first ironer, in 1950 (with flexible chest), Lapauw has been on the vanguard of laundry technology. Lapauw always adopted an “out of the box” approach to the specific challenges that come with laundry machinery.

But most important of all, owners of the more than 8000 machines sold in over 40 countries know the Lapauw machines as highly efficient, long lived machines that assure the lowest operational cost.

Why Lapauw

Investing in Lapauw machines is not just investing in machinery.
It's investing in decades of know-how that increases productivity in your laundry.

Find out below how we make this concrete.

First class finishing

From the flexible chest technology on the Lapauw ironers to the trademark narrow passage on the HotSTREAM tunnel finisher, Lapauw machines are well reputed for high quality finish they produce.

Maximal rerformance

From the IronMAX ironer to the Lapauw washers… Lapauw machines are known for increasing laundry productivity.

The reliable solution

Lapauw machines are also known to be one the most reliable on the market. A Lapauw 20 – 30 year old washer or ironer that is still in operation is a very common sight in many laundries.

The lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to the open spare part policy and maintenance friendly design, the Lapauw machines have the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Easy & open communication

The Lapauw machines are designed to communicate and cooperate with their environment, whether machines from other brands or laundry/quality management packages.

Focus on customer and user

Not only are the machines designed with user comfort in mind, we also take the time to listen to the customer and analyse his needs, in order to provide the optimal solution.

Worldwide representation

"Think global, act local". At Lapauw it's not just a slogan.

In each of the over 40 countries where Lapauw machines are installed, we have a sales & service center. Either via an authorised distributor or Lapauw office.

Our social

Throughout its global organization, Lapauw is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative laundry solutions, tailored for each market’s unique needs, challenges and requirements. With safety as a primary value, we focus on quality, productivity, ecology, longevity and low total cost of ownership. We foster education, integrity and mutual respect for our customer partners and our team


Ever since we developed the first ironer with hinged chest, in 1950, Lapauw has been a pioneer, shaping the industry. The steamless laundry concept would not have existed without the Lapauw gas heated chest ironer.

Today, we continue to innovate. Think of the HotSTREAM tunnel finisher and its trademark narrow drying chamber that actually reduces labour costs significantly. Or the Mediwave barrier washer that sets new standards in hygiene and working comfort for the operators.And with the Caddy Decontaminator, Lapauw offers a disinfection unit for shopping carts, airport trolleys….

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