Sustainability beyond just environment

We put high priority on sustainability and take our commitment beyond just the environment.


Lapauw has always been on the vanguard of care for the environment.
The Steam less Laundry is well established in the laundry industry but owes a lot to the pioneering work of Lapauw, as the benefits of the gas heated ironer - developed by Lapauw in 1994 - soon convinced the laundry industry.

But at Lapauw, we take ecology a step further than just gas heated ironers.
- Thanks to its narrow passage, the HotSTREAM tunnel finisher assures very low energy consumptions.
- The Lapauw washer-extractor range offers several measures to keep water consumption to a minimum, as all washers are prepared for water recuperation

Safety first

We take your safety seriously.
Needless to say that all or machines are CE-certified but we look well beyond just CE.
- All our gas heated ironers have a DGVW-certification. DVGW is a internationally active notified body that certifies gas installations. With this certificate you can be rest assured that your gas heated Lapauw ironer complies to the strictest of gas safety standards.
- Lapauw also is an ISO9001 certified company.

But safety is more than certificates.
Lapauw also focusses on working conditions and designs the machines with the latest principles in ergonomics in mind. Like the Mediwave, where the front- and back cover are shaped in such way that the operators do not strain their body when loading or unloading the machine.


With +35% of the total cost in a laundry, personnel is your main capital, but in an environment that is demanding for the physical integrity. Musculoskeletal disorders, such as lower back pains and carpal tunnel syndrome are not uncommon.
This is why Lapauw takes ergonomics in the design of its machines.
Examples are specially formed front and back covers of the Mediwave - allowing the operator to stand closer to the machine, during loading and unloading - or the large access opening on the washer-extractors or the inclined feed bands assembly on the 4000XXL and IronPRO family.
Measures like these put less strain on the operators, which increases comfort, motivation and ultimately productivity.

Open Spare Parts policy

Lapauw assures the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
The Lapauw machines offer ease of maintenance and are well-known for their longevity but the core of the Lapauw system is the open spare parts policy.

With the open spare parts policy, you are not ‘chained’ to the manufacturer for your spare parts, o-providing you with 2 significant solutions :
- You get your spare parts at the current market prices.
- You do not depend on the delivery times of the manufacturer for your spare parts to arrive.

2 Features that save you money. Customer experience learns that, thanks to the open spare parts policy, users save up to 30% in maintenance costs per year.


Lapauw has always been at the vanguard of laundry technology and will continue to do so, providing the laundry industry with productive and efficient machinery and solutions that have a lasting impact on the laundry industry.
- Flexible chest technology changed the way we think about ironing.
- The steamless laundry would not exist without the Lapauw gas ironer.
- Thanks to the HotSTREAM and the narrow passage, laundries can efficiently process garments that were done manually because of the quality requirements.
- With the GRP front- and back covers, the Mediwave sets new standards in hygiene and operator well being.

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