Clean rooms

Cleanroom laundries combine the highest hygiene standards with production cycles of under 60 minutes. This requires a specific approach.

LAPAUW offers a range of Washing & Drying equipment that stand alone in its class,  equipment designed & built to operated effectively within the varying categories of Cleanrooms.


Maximal hygiene

From the GRP cover, to the location of the HEPA filter, to specific options like indirect steam heating and cleanroom seal, both the Mediwave and Medistream adhere to strict hygiene standards of even ISO class 4 cleanrooms.

Dedicated solution

Not only is the Medistream a dedicated cleanroom dryer, both Medistream and Mediwave are also designed with a complementary capacity, allowing laundries to achieve cycle times of under 60 minutes with only 2 operators.

Maximal traceability

In a cleanroom, traceability is crucial.
Therefore we offer elaborated traceability, where all vital parameters, hygiene and production status are monitored.
The open architecture allows you to connect with your management packages, allowing you to monitor the cycles, control if critical disinfection conditions are met and report these to your customers.

Standard Cleanroom layout

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