Central & Industrial laundry plants

From flatwork to workwear, central and industrial laundry plants require to process large amounts of linen from different customers as efficiently as possible.

Lapauw provides a total solution that allows you to reduce operational costs to a minimum.


A dedicated solution

We provide the largest range of machine models, allowing you to obtain the optimal solution for your specific requirements and logistic needs.
All our machines are equipped with PLC technology that allows you to set up the optimal conditions for your laundry.

The lowest Total Cost of Ownership

From technology, like flexible chests, that assure minimal energy consumption, to ease of maintenance and the open spare part policy, Lapauw machines assure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over its full life cycle.

Maximal traceability

Lapauw offers elaborated traceability and monitoring on its equipment. Next to vital machine parameters, it also gives you updates on production data and processes, allowing you to streamline the flow of linen through your laundry.

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