Health Care

Hygiene, operator safety & production costs, three key components of any healthcare laundry.

With our range of specialized Barrier Washers & Finishing equipment Lapauw offers first class equipment in this important industry sector.

Our strengths

Maximal hygiene

With its thermal disinfection module, the Mediwave barrier washers guarantee disinfection and, thanks to the usage of steam, the Trolleywash disinfection cabin allows material to be disinfected according to EN15883.
And the uniform temperature distribution on the ironers and HotSTREAM help to saveguard the disinfection chain.

Maximal traceability

The Lapauw machines offer elaborated traceability, where all vital parameters, like temperatures and times are logged and stored.
The open architecture allows you to connect with your management packages, allowing you to monitor the cycles, control if critical disinfection conditions are met and report these to your customers.

The lowest Total Cost of Ownership

From technology, like flexible chests, that assure minimal energy consumption, to ease of maintenance and the open spare part policy, Lapauw machines assure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over its full life cycle.

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