Hotel & Restaurant operators regularly consume a wide variety of linen day to day,  this linen is expected to be processed & delivered at high standards in the shortest possible timeframe.

At Lapauw we strive to design & build processing solutions that contribute to quality & timeliness.

From Washing, Ironing to Logistics & handling we pride ourselves in the provision innovative equipment & solutions.

Our strengths

First class finish

From the large drum diameter on our washer-extractors to the flexible chest technology to the narrow passage of the HotSTREAM, Lapauw has always been well-reputed for its high finish quality.

Maximal productivity

The split pocket washer facilitates handling of large flatwork. From unloading to the ironing lines. And the flexible chest technology assures increased ironing capacity.

Maximal Flexibility

We provide the largest range of machine models, allowing you to obtain the optimal solution for your requirements and logistic needs.
All our machines are equipped with PLC technology that allows you to set up the optimal conditions for your laundry.

First Class finish

The Lapauw ironer has been a game changer
Alan Eingold
President of Over the Top Rental Linens (USA)

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