Think global - Act local

Think global act local

From a hospital laundry Australia to a 5-star hotel laundry in Canada, every Lapauw machine, each Lapauw installation comes with the know-how gathered from around the globe and across the boundaries of the industry.

But we also know how important service is. For us, “flexibility” and “speed” are 2 key words.
That is why we work with a worldwide network of distributors, as they are close to you in each step of the process. From the site surveys on first contact, down to the after sales service.

Intensive product training assures that your distributor is optimally informed about the Lapauw products and latest innovations.
And, with Lapauw’s experienced technical service team a phone call away and a reliable spare parts service, we have everything in hands to keep your machines performing.


Thanks to in depth training and permanent education we assure that our local service partners have an intimate knowledge of our machines and are kept up to date with the latest innovations.
Training is given first hand, as our service technicians do the training themselves.

But we also have training programs for your own technical staff and foresee hands-on training on the equipment that you order. Together with the Open Spare Part Policy, trained technicians are the best guarantee for ‘healthy’ machines and minimal down time.


Lapauw assures the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.
The Lapauw machines offer ease of maintenance and are well-known for their longevity but the core of the Lapauw system is the open spare parts policy.

With the open spare parts policy, you are not ‘chained’ to the manufacturer for your spare parts, o-providing you with 2 significant solutions :
- You get your spare parts at the current market prices.
- You do not depend on the delivery times of the manufacturer for your spare parts to arrive.

2 Features that save you money. Customer experience learns that, thanks to the open spare parts policy, users save up to 30% in maintenance costs per year.

Machines are working good, but the best about the washingline replacement was to have a good support after the installation. All necessary information was shared fast and efficiently. If adjustments were needed also visits on site were done by the supplier team. Now more than year later we are able to say with confidence that choosing Lapauw was good decision.
Katrin Maisa
Head of Production Estonia - Lindström Group