Aged resident care

A finish quality of linen that equals comfort & is cost effective to process needs proven experience.

Lapauw has the experience.

Our strengths

Maximal productivity

Laundries that operate the HotSTREAM tunnel finisher for personal garments of the residents, achieve the high quality that is needed, whilst saving a significant amount of work hours.

Maximal hygiene

With its thermal disinfection module, the Mediwave barrier washers guarantee disinfection and, thanks to the usage of steam, the Trolleywash disinfection cabin allows material to be disinfected according to EN15883.
And the uniform temperature distribution on the ironers and HotSTREAM help to saveguard the disinfection chain.

The lowest Total Cost of Ownership

From technology, like flexible chests, that assure minimal energy consumption, to ease of maintenance and the open spare part policy, Lapauw machines assure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership over its full life cycle.

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