Thanks to the trademark process, where the garments pass shoulder to shoulder through the narrow drying chamber, the HotSTREAM achieves a quality finish that is similar to manual finishing. This makes the HotSTREAM the ideal machine to increase productivity on your high end apparel like :

  • Retirement homes
  • Chef’s wear
  •  Workwear that comes in contact with customers
  • ….

The range


Type  items/hr  Type  items/hr 
MONOT1 120 DUOT2 750
MONOT2 250 DUOT3 850
MONOT3 400 DUOT4 1000
MONOT4 550 DUOT5 1300
MONOT5 750 DUOT6 1600


* Production capacity is measured with poly/cotton and can vary in function of like type of linen, thread count and weight. 

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