Lord Linen Services - Gold Coast, Australia



Located in the sunny state of Queensland and literally on the border with New South Wales, there is the beautiful city of Gold Coast. A paradise for surfers and close to the most famous reef of the world: the Great Barrier reef. Here, Michael Betts, owner at Lord Linen Services, decided to further invest in his laundry to continue the expansion of his business to meet with the demand of today to deliver high quality finished linen to his existing and new customers.


In such a nice place in the world, you want nothing else than an environmentally friendly process that allows your customers to get the best value for money and leave the smallest footprint.

That was one of the reasons Michael decided to cooperate with Lapauw for the expansion of his flatwork ironing line including a 2 station cornerless Extra feeder, a 2 roll gas heated 1200 ironer and a Unifold folder.


Why did you choose Lapauw?

“The ecological aspect of the Lapauw ironers suited us best with our philosophy on the environmental process that we like to provide. Furthermore, Lapauw was recommended to us because we wanted a quality, hardwearing and reliable ironer that suited our budget, but which would still provide us with quality output for sheets and pillow cases like we wanted it.”


What is the major advantage for your laundry that the Lapauw equipment has brought?

“We upgraded from a smaller, compact ironer so our production of sheets and pillow cases now through the new ironer has doubled, which allows us to work shorter processing shifts. We also purchased the ironing unit with the Extra cornerless feeder which is very ergonomic in its design and our staff find it much easier and faster feeding the sheets at the edge of the sheet rather than finding the corners of the sheets. The quality of the sheet ironing and folding is excellent, which is also the case with the pillow cases we pass through on it.”


What is your idea about the quality of the equipment?

“The quality of the machinery looks to be outstanding in every way. To date, we have found the ironer to be both reliable and straight forward and this means greater productivity.”


What is your idea about the quality of the processed linen through the machine?

“We have high expectations as far as the quality of our linen goes, as do our clients. The Lapauw ironer has allowed us to more than maintain this high level with consistent quality output, even at full speed.”


What is your opinion about Lapauw in general?

“Lapauw has been professional in every way and very helpful and reactive during start-up. I feel confident Lapauw will support us at all times in the future should the need arise. Further, I would be happy to recommend Lapauw and its products to any other interested parties.”