600 mm and 800 mm added to IronPRO range

Heule, Belgium – The IronPRO 500 has proven itself as a valuable addition to laundry operations, delivering the same ironing quality as our other chest heated ironers. Now we expand our range with the introduction of the 600 mm and 800 mm.

With the IronPRO ironer range, Lapauw brings chest heated ironers to small and mid-sized diameter ironers, which has been traditionally the domain of roll heated ironers. Like the classic Lapauw ironers, the IronPRO features a flexible chest design with hydraulic chest lifting.
Up until now, the IronPRO was available in 500 mm roll diameter only. Now 600 mm and 800 mm roll diameters have been added to the product range. Thanks to the flexible chest and indirect gas heating system, the IRONPRO offers higher productivity, lower energy consumption and a higher quality finish than the roll heated ironers.

Like its smaller brother, the IronPRO600 and IronPRO800 come with flexible chest technology.
They also already feature an impressive standard package – which includes feeding belts, High Temperature Aramid multiwrap padding, PLC control with touch screen and an exit table – making it a true plug&play ironer.

But that does not limit the flexibility of this machine. The ‘return to feed’ option allows laundries to put the machine against a wall. The IronPRO can also be equipped with a Unifeed vacuum unit and small folder, making it the ideal solution for smaller laundries who want to rationalize their finishing operations.

The IronPRO 600 is available in working widths from 1750 mm up to 3300 mm, while the IronPRO 800 stops at 3500 mm.
Both models are now available in gas and electric heating and are equipped with a state of the art indirect thermal oil heating unit.

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