HotSTREAM integrated solution in Norway

Boost your productivity on garments

The HotSTREAM tunnel finisher is well reputed for the high quality finish it produces. And various installations have already shown that this feature actually reduces the operation costs for the laundry, as it allows the laundry to process items with a tunnel finisher that otherwise need to be done or touched-up by hand.


But recently, we’ve boosted the productivity on our HotSTREAM.

Please find here pictures from an installation in Norway that was realized recently and where we delivered a HotSTREAM with an integrated feeding station.


The feeding station is fully integrated into the PLC of the HotSTREAM, providing operators with only one point of control for the complete system, allowing one operator to swiftly operate the complete system, including program changes.

This not only prevents errors but also increases overall productivity.


This installation features a MonoT2 HotSTREAM with a gravitational bar at the exit. This system also serves as a buffer, allowing 1 operator to process up to 250 garments per hour.

The integrated feeding option is also available for the MonoT1 (100 items/hour), MonoT3 with 300 items /hour and even MonoT4 with 400 items/hour.