The Lapauw Mediwave

Designed together with specialists in the cleanroom and healthcare sector, the Mediwave barrier-washer line sets new standards in hygiene. Both where it comes to the linen and the staff in the laundry.
Enhanced traceability enables laundries to verify and prove that disinfection was effective.


Optimal washing and disinfection properties

Assuring optimal washing results and disinfection is paramount. The Mediwave offers specific features to assure that these are reached.

  • The injection point for the detergents is located low in the drum. This assures that the detergents are injected under the water line and immediately mix with the bath.
  •  The outer drum is not round but octagonal. Because of this shape additional turbulences are created in the bath.

Both features assure optimal and uniform distribution of the detergents over the full bath and maximal heat penetration in the bath.

Moreover, the PLC control system (with memory for up to 100 programs) continuously controls vital parameters like temperature, times, assuring that conditions for thermal disinfection are met.

GRP cover assures maximal hygiene for the laundry and its staff
One of the mayor sources of germ propagation is the structure of a building, the walls…
So, keeping the structure clean is an important task. The Mediwave’s GRP covers are designed to facilitate this.
The covers are monolithic, void of joints that are hard to reach and where particles can grow in, and does not have sharp angles.
This makes very easy and efficient to clean the outer surfaces of the Mediwave.
Moreover, the white paint of the covers contains Titanium Dioxide, a component known for its microbial reduction qualities.

Enhanced ergonomics

The GRP cover also gives enhanced comfort for the operators during loading and unloading. Thanks to the rounded form, the operators can stand much closer to the drum, which relieves the physical effort.


Not only does the PLC verify the washing and disinfection process, it also logs all the vital parameters.
This information can then be stored by the laundry in a SQL database and used for reporting.

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