Heat recovery with Lapauw

The Lapauw energy recovery program

Heat recovert from water and air.

Lapauw offers systems to recover heat coming from the tunnel washer and ironers.

The first system recovers the heat that resides in the waste water that comes from the tunnel washer or the washer extractors. Drain water that comes from the tunnel washer or washer extractors is collected first in a buffer tank. Connected to the tank, the X-type recovery system uses the heat of the waste water to preheat the incoming fresh water. And here the buffer tank comes in handy, as the recovery system uses pumps to adjust the waterflow in order to achieve maximal efficiency.

A second system uses the heat or the exhausted vapors to preheat fresh water, going to the washers or tunnel washer. The system does not use the burnt gasses as humid vapors provide up to 4 times more energy. Because we use the exhaust, our system can be mounted on gas heated ironers and steam heated ironers.

Both systems can be combined, providing maximal heat recovery and energy efficiency.

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