The Lapauw Trolley Wash

The Lapauw Trolleywash is a washing & disinfection cabin for up to 30 trolleys per hour and complies to the most stringent hygiene standards. The cabin is constructed entirely in stainless steel AISI304 and the separated loading/unloading allows the machine to be integrated into a hygienic barrier wall.

Full surface disinfection

The sprinkler system on the ceiling and both sides is designed in such a way that it assures a full coverage of all surfaces on the trolleys and containers. Sprinklers on the floor of the cabin are part of the standard equipment and assure that the bottom of the trolley gets disinfected also.

Chemical disinfection.

The Trolleywash offers 2 steam heated water tanks for washing and rinsing.

Both tanks are foreseen with a connection for detergents, allowing the laundry to spray a disinfectant. A programmable soak time assures that the detergents and disinfectant stay on the surface during e pre destinated time.

Thermal disinfection

Drying is done by injecting steam in the cabin through the sprinklers, assuring an uniform distribution of steam and, thus temperature, in the cabin.

The cabin temperature and time period are programmable, and temperature can be programed up to 90°C. This fulfils the conditions for full thermal disinfection.

The PLC even offers the A0 disinfection method to be programmed.

More than just laundry trolleys

Thanks to the PLC control system (up to 99 programs), specific lay-out of sprinklers and a full range of options, like steam battery, the Trolleywash can be used to clean and disinfect a multitude of containers, recipients and items.

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