Lapauw provides a wide variety of washers for nearly every type of laundry and textile classification, including open-pocket, split pocket, top loaders, Pullman, and our unique and highly-acclaimed Mediwave healthcare and cleanroom barrier washer. Lapauw also makes a highly-efficient automated cart washer.



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Dealer in the spotlight: Petter Tellefsen

12 月 16th, 2016|Dealer in the spotlight: Petter Tellefsen 已關閉迴響。

The Norwegian market is a small but highly specialized and technical market, where a local dealer is indispensable. Since over

Testimonial: Euro Tap Rent

12 月 16th, 2016|Testimonial: Euro Tap Rent 已關閉迴響。

Euro Tap Rent rents tapping installations, refrigerators, bar counters... to events in the Benelux, France, Germany and the UK. Care

World Textile Services Congress

12 月 16th, 2016|World Textile Services Congress 已關閉迴響。

15 years after the last edition, the World Textile Services Congress took place from Oct 5th to Oct 7th in