Core of the Lapauw garment care system is the HotSTREAM tunnel finisher, that is well known to deliver an unsurpassed finish quality. The logistics system and garment folders complete the tunnel finisher, offering you the one-stop-shop for your garment services.



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Dealer in the spotlight: Petter Tellefsen

12 月 16th, 2016|Dealer in the spotlight: Petter Tellefsen 已關閉迴響。

The Norwegian market is a small but highly specialized and technical market, where a local dealer is indispensable. Since over

Testimonial: Euro Tap Rent

12 月 16th, 2016|Testimonial: Euro Tap Rent 已關閉迴響。

Euro Tap Rent rents tapping installations, refrigerators, bar counters... to events in the Benelux, France, Germany and the UK. Care

World Textile Services Congress

12 月 16th, 2016|World Textile Services Congress 已關閉迴響。

15 years after the last edition, the World Textile Services Congress took place from Oct 5th to Oct 7th in