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The Pullman Medicare is the Lapauw solution for the health care industry.
With 2 and 3 pockets, the Pullman Medicare Washer-extractor not only is a washer for hospital laundries, but the 2 pockets offer the flexibility that is sought of by private clinics and homes for the aged.

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From 60kgs up to 200kgs. With this vast range, Lapauw offers a medicare solution for every customer, from the private clinic to large hospital laundries.
The Lapauw Pullman range is available in 3 and 2 pocket versions, the best solution for any application.
3-pockets offer efficiency and ease for large flatwork (sheets,…) processing.
The 2-pocket drum provides private hospitals and [Sanatorium] the optimal solution to treat a wide range of items, from sheets to the private wash of the residents.
The pneumatic suspension system offers an extremely silent and stable operation, it can also allow the usage of an (optional) automatic weighing system.
The drum bearings are mounted outside and separated from the outer drum, assuring that any water coming from an eventual leak in the seals does not contaminate the bearing.
Every Lapauw washer leaves the factory prepared for future water recovery.
The drain has a plug mounted on it that can be used to connect to a water recuperation system, whether it’s new or existing. The microprocessor controller already has the necessary parameter sets to program and manage the recuperation process.
This gives the laundry manager a free choice to decide when to invest in a central or stand-alone water recovery system, the machine is already prepared for either option.
Lapauw also offers a broad range of options for water recovery and stand-alone solutions.