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With a proven track-reccord in mat washing and markees, the Lapauw Open Pocket washer-Extractor offers you an industrial solution to your heavy-duty needs.
The stone-wash and dying industry is also well-known with the Lapauw Open Pocket Washers.

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This washer is not just any Open Pocket machine.
With a stainless steel drum, 3 to 4 mm thick, and robust frame, it is a genuine heavy duty machine.
Be it marquees or anti-dust mats, the Lapauw Open Pocket handles any load effortlessly. It’s robustness is well known within the stone-wash and dyeing industry.
The heavy duty build quality is found throughout the whole Open pocket range.
The Lapauw Open Pocket range is available up to 300 kgs loading capacity.
The Lapauw Open Pocket range is available with optional forward tilting or both backward and forward tilting.
The integral hydraulic system allows the machine to tilt through 12° backwards and 19° easing loading and unloading.
The hydaulic tiltng system is a stand-alone system, fully intergrated into the machine’s framework and provides relability and consisten tilting.
The drum is suspended in 4 points only.
Specially designed double spring shock absorbers take care of both vertical and horizontal movements.
Not only a very simple and reliable system, a suspended, hanging drum, results in a natural balance, reducing unbalance problems even with heavy loads.
The drum bearings are mounted outside and are separate from the outer drum, keeping any eventual water seal leaks away from the bearing assemblies.
Every Lapauw washer leaves the factory prepared for future water recovery.
The drain has a plug mounted on it that can be used to connect to a water recuperation system, whether it’s new or existing. The microprocessor controller already has the necessary parameter sets to program and manage the recuperation process.
This gives the laundry manager a free choice to decide when to invest in a central or stand-alone water recovery system, the machine is already prepared for either option.
Lapauw also offers a broad range of options for water recovery and stand-alone solutions.