Unix: Fitted for fitted sheets

Feeding fitted sheets with an automatic feeder is a difficult task. The Unix, however, has some features that allows clamp feeding of fitted sheets. A closer look.

Ask any laundry manager or operator to feed fitted sheets with a feeder and he will answer that this is nearly impossible. And you know what? They have a point.

A clamp feeder takes the sheet by its edges and stretches it to obtain maximal feeding quality. But, because of the elastic band, this doesn’t work on fitted sheets. So they require manual feeding, which reduces productivity.

The Unix, however, goes beyond just spreading clamps.

  • The sheets are clamped between the suction base and a fixed structure when the clamps deposit the sheets on the suction base.
  • A programmable clamp fixes the sheet on the suction rule during the movement.

In the case of the fitted sheet, this means that it is clamped from the moment the spreading clamps release it, which reduces reaction of the elastic band.

Moreover, the powerful airstream in the suction box gently stretches the fitted sheet before it enters the ironer, which enhances the feeding quality.

You want to see this with your own eyes, I hear you say? Check the video below:

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