TRSA tour

The American National Textile Services Trade Organization, TRSA, took profit of the WTSC tour to invite its members to Belgium for a pre-congress laundry tour. As Belgium based manufacturer, Lapauw hosted the tour.

It’s a tradition with the TRSA to take its members on a 360° tour of the local laundry market, every time a trade show or congress takes place in a country. With the World Textile Services Congress taking place in Bruges, Belgium, the TRSA contacted Lapauw USA’s President, David Bernstein, to propose some laundries for the tour.

Together with David Bernstein, we proposed 4 laundries that would give the American colleagues a full view of the laundry market in Belgium, in which Lapauw perfectly fits. 23 visitors made the trip and saw 4 laundries that gave them a good view of the Belgian laundry market.

With A&M Laundry, the visitors witnessed how the zero-steam concept is implemented in a laundry and that the Lapauw gas heated ironer forms the backbone of this concept.

Depairon offered an insight on how laundries on the continent absorb the growing workwear market and the importance of the washer extractor in this sector.

Gomoli in Antwerp proved that size does not always matter. This midsized laundry has adopted a strategy of a small action radius where it offers not only first class quality, but foremost a prime service to horeca customers.

Edelweiss in Wakken completed the list and was a vivid example that a mix of customers and market sectors can be integrated successfully in one business unit. Edelweiss offers laundry services to a broad range of customers, from horeca customers to the industry to health care. With its wide machine range – Edelweiss operates a 2 roll 1200 ironer, a single roll 1600 ironer for high quality jobs and a Hot Stream tunnel finisher – Lapauw is a solid partner.

The TRSA also took a keen interest in Lapauw’s Cleanroom Solutions. As in the US, this market also gains in importance. One of Belgium’s major players, Scaldis, was visited and a detailed report will be published by TRSA soon.

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