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The Mediwave takes barrier washer design to a whole new level. Thanks to the GRP covers, instead of stainless steel, the Mediwave is the cleanest, most hygienic machine on the market. But cleanliness is not the only thing that Lapauw tackled with the Mediwave. With the redesigned drum access and intuitive control system, the Mediwave is the most ergonomic washer on the market.

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The Lapauw Mediwave is the first industrial barrier washer on the market that uses Glass fiber Reinforced
Polymer (GRP) for the front and back cover, while GRP provides excellent hygienic properties.

  • With GRP, the covers have a monolithic surface, where the absence of seams and sharp angles mean dirt and bacteria build up is impossible.
  • GRP is chemically inert, thus very easy to clean and corrosion free, no matter what detergent is used.
  • The white paint used on the GRP covers is enhanced with an anti-bacterial substance, titanium dioxide, giving the GRP covers self-cleaning properties.
Where hygiene and cleanliness are involved, traceability is paramount. The Siemens microprocessor control system allows you to log and store all relevant parameters per individual washing cycle, from temperatures to water levels and cycle times.

The Lapauw Mediwave also has a built-in LED signalization unit. The versatile LED unit allows the Mediwave to go beyond just indicating whether its working or not and indicates its full status, even to when it’s loaded or unloaded.

In today’s laundry, energy and operational efficiency are paramount.
The Mediwave offers an extended range of features to increase efficiency in key points:

  • The specially shaped drum and carefully located soap injection system in the drum assure optimal distribution of the detergents in the bath
  • The drum is suspended in high mounted, pneumatic shock-absorbers, allowing the drum to rest in a natural balanced position and, thus, minimizing unbalances.
  • The dynamic water level measuring system, combined with the automatic weighing system (option) provides you optimal control of the water consumption, detergents and even the residual moisture.