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A high industrial range of presses going from 36 bar membrane pressure to 56 bar membrane pressure, with proven quality, high accuracy and robustness.

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A press asures maximal water evacuation and efficiency when it is adapted to volume of linen that is processed by the tunnel washer. Or in other words: the size of your tunnel.

Lapauw offers a press with 36 bar up to 56 bar effective membrane pressure, assuring optimal moist evacuation. A proportional hydraulic valve gives you absolute control over the applied pressure.

But next to high membrane pressures, rapid build-up and availability of these pressures is paramount. In order to effectively evacuate the water in the linen, the press must reach maximal pressure quickly and be able to maintain this pressure.

With a maximal pressure of 56 bar, our hydraulic group offers an effective margin to reach maximal membrane pressure fast and maintain it.

As the press is subjected to tremendous forces, a robust construction is key for optimal functionality and durability. The Lapauw pressure are built with maximal durability and minimal cost of owndership in mind.

The Lapauw press is a construction with support plates and cylindric supports, assuring maximal strength.

  • The top plate has a thickness of up to 250 mm.
  • The top plate is supported by 4 cylindric support columns of up to 150 mm.
  • The main cylinder has a diameter of up to 500 mm. The cylinder is chromated for maximal longevity.
  • The bottom plate has a thickness of up to 200 mm.
  • The perforated drain plate is made of stainless steel, which assures the lowest cost of ownership.

Needless to say, all wetted parts are completely made of stainless steel.

The press uses a conveyor belt to evacuate the cake, instead of a pusher. Together with the construction of the press, this feature greatly enhances the operational availability.

The PLC system gives you full control over the press, including process cycle time and pressure. The 5,7″ full color touch screen visualizes the process, giving you a clear-cut overview of the process. Up to 99 different programs give you the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to finetune the press to the linen you process.

The control system logs and lists all eventual alarms, daily production and applied pressure.

Needless to say, the PLC allows seamless interfacing with the dryers, shuttle and tunnel washer.