Tunnel Washing Solutions – Shuttles


Lapauw also offers shuttles that transfer the cakes from the press to the dryers safe and efficient.

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The robust construction assures safe and reliable transfer of any size and weight of cake. Therefore we also resort to innovative choices: We don’t use a chain to hoist the cake. A toothed support is integrated into the side standers and offers maximal lifting capacity, even for the heaviest of cakes. But it is also a safe solution, as the toothed supports will not snap like a chain could do. And when something should happen, the platform with cake will simply stay blocked, so it won’t fall down.

When it comes to double cakes, we offer unlimited flexibility, in function of your needs and space.

You can choose between:

  • A collapsible shuttle, where the cakes are stacked one on top of the other, assuring you minimal space loss.
  • A design where the shuttle stacks the cakes one after the other on a longer conveyor, assuring you minimal time loss.