Tunnel Washing Solutions – Material Handling System

Material handling system

Transporting your linen swiftly through your laundry is paramount. Lapauw offers a wide range of logistics and loading systems, allowing you to have the optimal solution for your needs.

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Whether it’s a manual loading conveyor for your tunnel of a bag conveyor system that brings your linen from the intake to the finishing, Lapauw provides you with the most efficient solution.

The loading conveyors come with 4 to 8 compartments. Weighing cells can be integrated.

The Lapauw bag system allows you to streamline the flow in your laundry from the loading docks where the soiled linen comes in, to the washers or washer tunnel and to the finishing area. The soiled linen intake unit allows the truck driver to immediately hook the linen bags onto the system, which reduces waiting times and increases productivity.

Lapauw offers a wide range of sorting options. Not only in the number of sorting posts but also in size. Next to automatic sorting units for large production quota, we can offer a semi-automatic sorting unit allowing sorting for smaller quantities.

Vacuum transportation systems gain in importance, as they offer an efficient solution where more traditional systems encounter their limits, like transferring linen from one hall to another. The Lapauw vacuum system is a rigid tubing system that can cross large distances. Linen is taken up into the vacuum system by fixed stations with large capacity suction mouths or smaller, flexible mouths, depending on the need and accessibility. The large diameter tubing and buffer containers of 75 and 100 kg prevent bottlenecks, assuring maximal productivity.

With our conveyor solutions, we streamline the flow of linen in any stage of the laundry, including the finished item. Thanks to the modular system and a wide range of types and sizes of conveyors, we offer the ideal solution depending on your needs and production area.

A tracking system that can incorporate barcodes and RFID chips, and control software assure optimal flow of data and finished linen to the warehouse.

With our dynamic warehousing solutions, you can even automate the storage and management of your finished linen.

With our software solutions, you control and streamline the flow of linen through your laundry, from the moment soiled linen is offloaded from the trucks up to the moment the finished goods are packed and loaded onto the truck to be delivered to your customers.

But there is more, as our software solution also communicates with various dashboards and even your quality management and accounting systems, assuring an optimal flow of data and information that is vital for you to optimize productivity and efficiency.