Tunnel Washing Solutions

Tunnel Washing Solutions

Lapauw is proud to present the newest additions to the range of solid industrial laundry machinery: tunnel washers and complete logistic solutions!

This missing link in the product range has now been filled in, by taking over a manufacturer with years of experience. By integrating the manufacturing plant in the Lapauw Group, the plant is foreseen with procedures to guarantee quality, longevity and low cost of ownership by selecting quality parts, and simple but solid construction techniques Lapauw is world famous for.

The TransFLEX, already present in the worldwide market with more than 300 units sold, is hereby getting the support of the full group and subsidiaries. Not only is the knowledge carried by the engineers of the whole group, but the distribution and local support is brought to customers all over the world.

Within the stable growth of the Lapauw Group, we are now proud to offer you our newest solutions.


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Follow this link to download the full list of available equipment: Lapauw 2nd hand

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