The Lapauw Medistream

Designed together with the specialists of a cleanroom laundry, the Medistream dryer is designed to exclude contamination of the dried items.

Completely sealed outer drum.

Unlike standard tumble dryers, that only have a basket, the Mediwave is constructed like a washer and has an inner- and outer drum. The outer drum is sealed and kitted with a high temperature resistant seal, assuring maximal separation between the contents of the drum, the clean area and the soiled zone.


A double filtering system, with pré-filter and H14 HEPA-Filter assures that 99,995% filtration efficiency is assured. The HEPA-filter is located directly above the drum, minimizing the risk of pathogen contamination coming from the piping.

High air stream

With an effective air stream of 4000 m³/h and a drum volume of 1410 liter, this accounts for an air refreshment rate of close to 3000 refreshments per hour. This assures short drying cycles and maximal evacuation of any contamination.

GRP cover

The Medistream also has a GRP cover, assuring the utmost hygiene for the staff.

PLC control and traceability

The intuitive PLC control system with touch screen provides memory for up to 99 different drying programs.

Like on the Mediwave barrier washers, the Medistream also offers logging and transfer of all crucial parameters like temperature, time… allowing the laundry to provide reports to the customers.

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