Testimonial IronPRO

Since the IRONPRO hit the market, end of last year, it sparked a great deal of attention. A sign that the demands for quality and productivity go beyond that of roll heated ironers, which are synonymous for small diameters. This also puts the IRONPRO in the scope of larger laundries to increase their service level or open new markets, as the testimonial from CEFRAMAR laundry, a 35 tonnes/day laundry in the south of Spain, shows.

Hello sir, can you tell us more about your laundry?
CEFRAMAR is an industrial laundry in the Costa del Sol area and we process about 35 tonnes per day. Currently we have 2 washing tunnels and 5 ironing lines.

What kind of customers do you have?
We serve hotels and hotel chains.

What is your typical work?
As we do hotels, flatwork and bedding is our main business. We also have a renting program.

You have 5 ironing lines. Why do you need a smaller ironer?
We have opened a smaller operation, just next to our main laundry. This shop serves the smaller hostels and restaurants and even private households, which is a growing segment now. Because of the small batches, they would interfere with the operations in the main laundry, but they require high quality work too.

What made you opt for Lapauw’s IRONPRO?
We know Lapauw because we already use their Duo 1200 and Mono 1600 gas heated ironers. And when they started their small diameter ironer line, we knew that this would match perfectly with our smaller operation because of the advantages of chest heating: it delivers a higher finish quality than the conventional roll heated ironer and it offers also higher efficiency.

What are your experiences with the IRONPRO?
We have purchased an IRONPRO 500 x 2500 mm gas heated ironer. Because of the design with flexible chest, it provides the same high quality finish as our larger Lapauw ironers. And thanks to the direct gas heating, productivity and efficiency increases. To the contrary of our roll heated ironers, the IRONPRO allows us to iron sheets without having to pre-dry them first. You could say that the IRONPRO is a Mono 1200 or a Mono 1600 Lapauw ironer but only with a much smaller footprint, which is perfect for smaller operations.

What are your experiences with Lapauw and the distributor?
We have always known the Lapauw machines as robust and durable machines that provide high quality, but equally important is the quality of service locally and the Lapauw distributor, Drylav, provides what we need.

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