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MEDIWAVE 9,783,919

The Mediwave takes barrier washer design to a whole new level. Thanks to the GRP covers, instead of stainless steel, the Mediwave is the cleanest, most hygienic machine on the market. But cleanliness is not the only thing that Lapauw tackled with the Mediwave. With the redesigned drum access and intuitive control system, the Mediwave is the most ergonomic washer on the market.

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Unlike stainless steel, Glass Reinforced Polymer (GRP) has a one-piece design. Thanks to the monolithic design with rounded edges, the GRP covers leave no joints or crevices for dust, dirt or organic material to build up into.

A hardened gelcoat protects the cover from mechanical damage such as scratches or shedding. The polymer is also chemically inert, allowing it to be treated frequently with a wide range of cleaning agents.

The GRP cover is shaped in such a way that the operator can stand closer to the drum, making loading and unloading far less strenuous than on conventional barrier washers.
The automatic door opening system allows the outer door to be opened and closed by a push of a button, which adds to the comfort of the operator.
The Mediwave comes in 3 models: 60 kg, 80 kg and 110 kg capacity. The split drum (2 or 3 pockets available) assures maximal care for delicate fabrics and even allows you to process separate batches in the same machine.
The inner and outer drum are standard in 304 stainless steel but can be electro-polished or made in 316 stainless steel.
The cleanroom seal assures maximal separation between the soiled and clean side. The cleanroom seal is conceived in such a way that it accomodates positive pressure in the cleanroom.
Thanks to the standard LED signalization unit in the door handle, the Mediwave provides prompt and efficient communication with the operators and plant managers, showing them when the machine is ready to load, unload…

Moreover, a second screen (option) on the clean side allows the crew in the cleanroom to monitor the process and anticipate the next step in the process.

In the controlled world of cleanrooms, measuring and traceability are paramount. The Mediwave offers multiple connections for sensors and the microprocessor exports all data in easy to use and customize files.