Cleanroom Solutions – Medistream


With the Medistream, Lapauw presents the first 100% cleanroom dryer in the industry. Thanks to innovative features like smart emplacement of the filters and a completely isolated drum, the Medistream answers to the high standards in hygiene and separation that is adopted by the cleanroom laundry industry.

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The Medistream is the first dryer on the market that has the drum fully encased in a closed box. This assures maximal separation between the cleanroom and the exterior.
Drive wheels are commonly used in dryers but are a source of particle contamination. The Medistream has a cantilevered drum, which excludes particle contamination from the drive wheels.
Heating elements have proven to be an often overlooked but mayor source of particle contamination. This is why the Medistream has a high-temperature H13 HEPA filter mounted behind the heating element. A G4 pre-filter is mounted at the air intake, in front of the heating unit and complements the filter system.
The exhaust is equipped by an anti-return valve. This valve prevents external, unpurified air of leaking into drum via the exhaust and contaminating the contents and cleanroom.
The Medistream also has a GRP cover. Next to the smooth, washable surface, the GRP cover on the Medistream offers another important advantage: the cover is mounted on the dryer, which adds another barrier and offers a perfect base for the control buttons and panel to be mounted on without the risk of air leaks.
The Medistream drum has a volume of 1400 liters. In the typical cleanroom 1/35 – 1/40 fill rations, this size is a perfect match with the Mediwave range.
The Medistream offers an air flow of 4000 m³/hr. The airflow through the drum is diagonal, which maximizes air to fabric contact and increases drying efficiency.
Inspection of the filters and especially the HEPA filter is paramount. The filters on the Medistream can be inspected easily by sight. The optional BeMicron gas system makes inspection of the HEPA filter easy.
The permanent connection point for a particle measuring devise (devise not included) offers continuous control of the particle count and is located in the exhaust, which provides the most reliable data. Like on the Mediwave, this and other data are then exported to customizable files.