The Lapauw conveyor system takes care of the logistics that come with production capacities up to 2000 garments per hour.
The Lapauw garment handling system is a total system that includes sorting, quality control and the link-up with the laundries logistics and accounting software.

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From 100 items per hour up to 2000 items per hour, the conveyor system assures the most compact and efficient solution for your logistics.
Core of the system is the endless chain conveyor. This conveyor assures that the garments are distributed to the different processing stations.
The endless chain conveyor can be made to any shape or form and there is no limit to the number of units used in a system. Because garments are stored shoulder to shoulder, the endless chain conveyor is more compact than chain systems that use shoulder to shoulder storage.
The second component are spindle conveyors, that transport the garments from point to point. Because hangers can be stored virtually one against the other on the spindle, they use very little space.
As the conveyor screws and endless chain units come in any size or shape and can be combined in any way possible, the garment handling system offers unprecedented flexibility and freedom to provide the laundry with the optimal solution in function of the available space.

Of course, the system adopts ergonomic features such as feeding stations that are modifiable in height and ergonomic quality control stations but we take ergonomics a step further.
Spindle conveyors are extremely silent, assuring that the Lapauw garment handling system is one of the most silent on the market.

The software does more than just controlling the system. It allows the laundry to fully integrate the garment handling system in the logistics chain and track the garments from intake to shipping.
The software will be customized to the specific requirements of the laundry and is open-ended, meaning that it can communicate to the company’s own logistics or accounting software without the need to buy additional, expensive protocols.