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The IRONPRO brings the industrial quality & technology to the OPL and smaller laundries. The IRONPRO comes in roll diameters of 500, 600 and 800 mm. The working widths range from 2200 up to 3300 mm. Also, all IRONPRO models are available in a gas heating and electric heating version.

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The heart of the IRONPRO is the integrated gas heating system. The heated oil is circulating through the chest, which makes the difference in finishing quality much better, compared to roll heated ironers.
The IRONPRO is equipped with a 100% carbon steel, flexible chest, that is raised by hydraulic actuators. This way, the chest always has the perfect contact pressure with the roll, even when the padding has already been used for a while.
  • The IRONPRO is equipped with easily removable panels so all areas are accessible for maintenance. This feature also helps you to keep dust away from your machine.
  • The roll is driven by a direct drive system without belts to reduce maintenance tasks such as controlling belt tension etc.
  • The burner is kept away from electronic components to extend their lifetime.
  • Particularly useful for the installation of the machine, the IRONPRO is designed for easy lifting and moving by a fork-lift.
Compared to roll heated ironers with belts, the IRONPRO doesn’t leave any marks on the ironed linen. The scrapers assure a perfect and smooth push off of the linen from the roll without any visible marks.
  • The IRONPRO is standard equipped with a PLC that allows the creation of different programs with different speeds and temperatures. The colored touch screen makes it as easy as it gets to operate the machine.
  • The IRONPRO has a smart-LED lightning system that spans the full working width of the machine and illuminates the feeding belts. But the smart-LED lightning system does more, as it also indicates the operator what is going on with the machine by changing the color to the color that matches with the status of the machine.