IRONPRO, Lapauw quality for the small ironers.

With the IRONPRO, Lapauw expands its ironing range to the OPL laundries and small capacity ironing lines that require a high quality finish.

The IRONPRO offers single roll chest heated ironing with roll diameters of 500, 600 and 800 mm and working widths from 2200 mm up to 3300 mm.

The IRONPRO differs from today’s small diameter ironers because it is, in fact, a mini Lapauw ironer, equipped with the well-known Lapauw technology.

  • The flexible, thin chest assures a high and uniform ironing pressure over the complete surface. The chest is raised against the roll like on the Lapauw ironers but here we work with electric actuators, instead of  hydraulic cylinders.
  • Like on the Lapauw ironers, the IRONPRO has an indirect heating system where thermal oil heats the chest and assures the most uniform and constant ironing temperature.

Thanks to this technology, the customer will enjoy the high quality finish, productivity and efficiency that the larger Lapauw ironers are well-known for.



The IRONPRO is fully equipped and offers the following features as standard:

  • Feed band assembly,
  • Stainless steel feeding trough for fast feeding,
  • Exit table,
  • PLC controller with touch screen that allows the laundry to create different ironing programs, in function of the linen,
  • Smart-LED lighting illuminates the feed bands, allowing the operator to clearly see if the piece is well put down, and also signals the operator when the machine is ready to be used, is stopped or in alarm,
  • The padding is 2-layer High Temperature Aramid padding with springpress springs.

The IRONPRO 500 mm roll diameter model will be available in pass-through and return feed versions from 4th quarter of 2016 on. The 600 and 800 mm versions will be available in 2017.

The IRONPRO is available with gas or electric heating.

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