IronPRO 600

With 600 mm roll diameter, Lapauw expands its IRONPRO-line, Lapauw’s small diameter flexible chest ironers.

Since the IRONPRO 500 was introduced to the market, it proved to be more than a valuable addition to smaller and OPL laundries that were previously limited to roll heated ironers. Thanks to the flexible chest and indirect gas heating system, the IRONPRO offers higher productivity, lower energy consumption and a higher quality finish than roll heated ironers.

But the IRONPRO-line also already proved to be a solution for large industrial laundries, where it takes away the smaller batches and small pieces from the production lines and, thus, helps to increase overall productivity.

Like its smaller brother, the IRONPRO 600 comes with flexible chest technology and with gas or electric heating. The indirect heating unit complies to all international standards.

In its standard configuration, the IRONPRO 600 already delivers a complete package, ready to plug and play. Standard features include:

  • Feeding bands
  • PLC control with touch screen
  • Smart-LED system
  • Scrapers
  • An exit table
  • Multiwrap, high-temperature Aramid padding.

The IRONPRO 600 features an inclined feed band assembly which is adjustable in height. This makes it one of the most ergonomic small ironers on the market, further improving productivity. The ironer can also easily accommodate a Unifeed vacuum unit under the feed belts and a folder at the back, which makes it the ideal solutions for smaller sized laundries that want to rationalize their finishing operations.

The IRONPRO 600 is available in working widths from 1750 up to 3300 mm.

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