IronMAX Steam

The IRONMAX gas is available in the market a little more than a year now, and already it has established itself a game changer in the field of ironer performance.

Thanks to the large bridge, the parallel thermal oil circuit and the individual Lapauw springs with adjustable suction per roll, the IRONMAX assures higher productivity than today’s comparable sized ironers.

All of this while the hydraulic chest lifting unit with programmable pressure assures that the flexible chest applies the most uniform and optimal pressure, safeguarding and finish quality.

But the IRONMAX concept proves that innovation goes beyond just ironer performance, as the maximal accessibility program has facilitated maintenance and ultimately minimizes Total Cost of Ownership.

These features have now become the 5 heroes of the IRONMAXMAXsurface, MAXpower, MAXsuction, MAXquality and MAXaccess. We have now translated these features to our well-known steam heated ironers:

The IRONMAX update centers around the steam circuit. Like with the gas variant, the chest and bridge respectively have 8 and 4 independent steam channels and adheres the parallel flow principle. This assures fast filling times and maximizes the total steam volume without violating the limits set by the steam directives. The steam circuit is also designed in such way that the condensate return is evacuated efficiently.

Next to the renewed steam chest, the bridge is enlarged to 1 meter. Together with the articulated chest that envelopes the roll over 198°, the IRONMAX steam will have the largest ironing surface in the industry.

The Lapauw individual springs provide up to 5 x more suction power than other spring systems. Add the adjustable suction per roll and you have the possibility to maximize moist evacuation.

Like on the gas version, the IRONMAX steam has a direct drive system with a motor and frequency convertor per roll. The convertors are interlinked electronically. This leaves you with the possibility to set up the optimal speed difference in function of the processed linen. The hydraulic chest lifting system also allows you to program the ironing pressure.

Identical to the gas heated version, the IRONMAX steam is designed with ease of maintenance and maximal accessibility in mind, assuring significant reductions in the Total Cost of Ownership.

The IRONMAX steam will also have a standard PLC with touchscreen, allowing you to create different ironing programs. The option set features a modular steam valve, that allows the laundry to reduce the steam consumption even further.

Needless to say, however, the IRONMAX steam retains the identical 2-part thick hinged chest of the Classic Lapauw steam ironer. Recognized by many as the only flexible steam chest that can work and lasts.

The IRONMAX steam is now available as 2-roll and 3-roll with 1200 mm roll diameter.

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