Ironing Solutions – Ironers – 4000 XXL


The flexible chest envelopes the 1600 mm roll over 286°, offering the ideal solution for the High Quality demands, such as restaurant linen and the star hotels.

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A nice shiny and glossy finish on your linen?
The large chest envelopes the 1600 mm diameter roll over 286°. This creates an ironing path, under pressure, that is 4 meters long.
The result is an extreme large ironing surface under pressure, assuring that the linen is pressed and perfectly ironed.
A First Class ironing finish will not exist if the feeding is not done properly. Therefore the 4000XXL comes standard with technology that makes sure the linen enters the roll under the optimal conditions.

  • Perforated feed bands with suction are standard.
  • The feed band speed is adjustable independently from the roll, giving you the control over the amount of stretch on the linen when it enters the chest
  • The Sandwich conveyor, on top of the feed band assembly, assures that the leading- and trailing edge is straight and not folded over, when entering the chest.
The 4000XXL is available both in steam and gas heated version.