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Featuring the Hot Stream garment finishing tunnel in a variety of sizes and configurations for providing the highest quality tunneled garments.

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The narrow dry chamber is a trademark of the Lapauw Tunnel Finisher and guarantees an optimal finish on the garments:

    Optimal drying is assured as the garments pass shoulder to shoulder through the narrow dry chamber, leaving them fully exposed to the hot airstream. The air accelerates through the narrow chamber, creating a calculated turbulence that shakes the garments as they pass through and beating them against the heated side panels. The mechanical action that is created assures optimal removal of wrinkles and creases.

Cotton overalls or poly/cotton T-shirts? The Lapauw Tunnel finisher handles any fabric.
You have full control over the drying process, including the speed of the hot air flow, Assuring the optimal combination between production and quality for each type of garment. That’s why our customers favor our Tunnel finisher for a wide range of garments: Including, thick cotton overalls, private garments of nursing home residents, Chefs Wear, Uniforms and many more.

The Tunnel finisher is also used in the Textile, as it provides the ideal solution for reconditioning.

All machines in the HotSTREAM range are available with steam or gas heating.

Thanks to the unique compact modular design, the Hot STREAM MONO allows you to use minimum laundry space. For example, the feeding, exit and access to the technical areas of the machine are all on the same side, which provides you with the possibility to mount the machine against the wall.

The design of Hot STREAM, with narrow preconditioning- and drying zones, allows us to mount the drying compartments back-to-back and go beyond 6 modules and assure production capacities up to 2000 garments per hour.