Lapauw offers garment folders that assure a first class folding quality.

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The Lapauw garment folder line assures that any type of garment up to 1,2 x 1,8 meter is folded, regardless the material.
The control system provides up to 100 different folding programs.
Lateral folding is done by a gradually adjustable template, assuring accurate folding.

Specially designed brushes automatically fold the arms inwards, assuring the optimal position of the sleeves in the folded garments.

Cross folding is done by reversing belts and mechanical knife. The 2 cross folds assure you optimal flexibility in how you want your garments folded : 1/2nd, 1/3rd or 1/4th.

The Lapauw garment folder has a production capacity of up to 800 garments per hour and comes in 2 versions :

  • The manual version, where the operator feeds the garments to the folder
  • A fully automated version, where robot arm takes the garments and feeds them to the folder.