The UNIFOLD : the true universal folding solution.

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A folder for a high production line or do you need a primary folding only? Thanks to its modular design, the UNIFOLD offers you the possibility to select the folder that fits your requirements perfectly, yet keep a standard for all your ironing lines.
The specially designed blow pipes assure a silent and powerful air blast. The multiple point air distribution system provides an uniform, powerful air blast, equally distributed over the full working width.
All 3 cross folds use knife folding as standard.
Two pinch rollers automatically adapt the first cross fold opening to the thickness of the linen. Pneumatic cylinders support the pinch rollers, which provides optimal counter pressure for the rollers to close just enough so that the linen does not shift or drop. This guarantees a care free operation with linen of any thickness or weight.
The functions Automatic Lane Coupling for small piece primary folding and Automatic Fold Selection are standard features on the UNIFOLD. This allows you to process a wide variety of items without the need for frequent program changes or even sorting before the ironing process