Folds, sorts, stacks and counts the laundry pieces.

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The Towelfold automatically sorts up to three different sizes of pieces by their length, folds them according to the selected program, stacks them in three separate piles and ejects the piles when the proper number per stack is reached.

The Towelfold first performs a lateral half fold on each piece, followed by none, one or two crossfolds, depending on the length and the folding program. It can automatically adjust the folded size for varying sized pieces, or fold all pieces with the same end-size.

The width of the lateral fold is determined by adjustable skis. Pieces are folded by mechanical sliders around the skis to form the french fold. Crossfolds are done by knives and reversing belts. Stacking is done by stopping the belts on the exact position and dropping the piece onto the correct pile.