The HiQuality folding line.
The all knife folding concept assures a clean fold line, even on the thickest material.

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Knife folding is standard on Primary and Cross Folds. This provides a clear and precise fold of consistent quality, no matter what the items’ thickness or quality.
This makes the SUPERFOLD the ideal machine for your High Quality work such as table linen and pillow cases.
The first cross fold rollers have the automatic centring functionality. They will position the items so that the cross folds are always centred or positioned like you programmed.
This allows you to use a cross fold without the need of an automatic feeder to centre the items.
The stacker has a pneumatic pressing station, producing nicely pressed packages of linen
The functions Automatic Lane Coupling for small piece primary folding and Automatic Fold Selection are standard features on the SUPERFOLD.
This allows you to process a wide variety of items without the need for frequent program changes or even sorting before the ironing process.