Employee in the spotlight: Frank Vanoutrive

With this new item in our Newsletter, we would like to take the opportunity to place Lapauw employees in the picture. Today we would like to introduce you to Frank Vanoutrive (1959).

Frank, Senior Engineer, started working at Lapauw in 1979, right after he came back from his military service. Mr. Romain Lapauw (founder of the company) had grown interest in this young man when he bought his kettle food from Frank’s family company where he used to work. While Frank was still in service, Mr. Lapauw contacted Frank’s family to ask whether he would like to come and work for the Lapauw company when his military service was over. 2 days after Frank came back home, he started working for Lapauw.

Originally, Frank was drawing every single machine part by hand on a drawing table. Throughout his many years of dedicated service to the company, Frank has built a very deep knowhow of the Lapauw machines. He has contributed to the many generations of qualitative Lapauw equipment and solutions. Today, his experience is second to none in the company. Even as the 3D modeling found its way in the Lapauw R&D offices, Frank continued to aggregate and check the different technical drawings for release to the shopfloor. Undeniably he remains instrumental in the preparation for Lapauw’s manufacturing process and he is highly respected by his colleagues.

Frank has been happily married with 2 children and after 38 years, he still cycles to work. He states he was lucky to get this job and very happy to have been able to evolve thanks to these new technologies. Since technology never stands still, he is excited to come to work every single day.

I have been doing this for so long and I am still totally captivated by what I do. I just love it!

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