Employee in the spotlight: Johnny Vanneste

With this new item in our Newsletter, we would like to take the opportunity to place Lapauw employees in the picture. Today we would like to introduce you to Johnny Vanneste (54).

Johnny has been working for Lapauw since 1983. In his professional career of 35 years, he climbed up to become a supervisor/department manager. He is still just as passionate about his job.

I am happy that I can work for a company that plays an important role in the laundry industry all over the world. I still experience a lot of variation in my job as a supervisor.

Working for Lapauw is his second job. Johnny studied mechanical engineering and then began to work for a company where fireplaces were made. Thanks to his first job, Johnny learned the practice of metalworking such as welding, bending and brazing. With this expertise, it was easier for him to start working at Lapauw, back in 1983. Johnny got introduced by an uncle and a cousin of his.

Johnny started working as an operator of the punching machine in the smithy ironers department. After many years, the punching machine was replaced by a laser cutting machine, and that’s when Johnny was trained to make programs for the laser cutter and also became a team leader. Today, in his job as supervisor, a day’s work is very varied for Johnny.

Every day I make sure that the necessary preparations are sent to the right department. According to the planning, I ensure that all deliveries are followed up and executed on time and correctly. The job requires a lot of administrative work. In addition, I check the stocks an a daily basis so that all the materials needed to make a machine are present. Every day I manage thirteen people. This means that, in addition to checking the work, I also step into production when there’s a problem. I like that variation in my job the best.

Philippe D’heygere, owner of Lapauw International, made a lot of investments, including the establishment of several own branches around the world, which entails a lot of extra orders. Partly thanks to the acquisition of the company by Mr. D’heygere, Johnny sees following moment as one of the absolute highlights for the company:

Five years ago, we were able to deliver a large order of sixty machines to a laundry group in Saudi Arabia within six months. It was one of the largest deliveries. Lapauw is an absolute top player in the world in terms of industrial laundry machinery. I therefore find it a big challenge every day that I can work for this company.

Johnny Vanneste has been happily married, with 2 children and one grandson. In his free time, Johnny likes to watch football and he loves gardening.

When my father-in-law got sick, I started working for him in the garden. That is the point where I discovered that I had green fingers. Now I grow my own vegetables all year round. Everything has to be done as ecologically as possible.

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