Customers looking for a simple to maintain, low cost of operation and universal towelfolding solution, here it is! The Lapauw Towelfold has proven capabilities in fast and accurate folding.

The lengthfolding is done by a template sliding over the towel, hereby ensuring that the quality of the folding is always accurate and fast. Most other folders in the market today use airblast, but not only is the consumption of the air a tremendous downside, the quality can simply not be compared. Folding by knife gives a highly accurate and very stable result. The ease of construction ensures a very low maintenance cost on this high appreciated feature.

The crossfold section works with reversing belts. Lapauw made the section as such that the piece to be folded is supported throughout the whole transportation of the towel. This is also a different method compared with other folders, where in the second crossfold, most of the towel is not jammed in between belts. It is exactly this jam, reversing belts and knife folding support that gives another high quality finishing of the towel.

The folder allows different stacks and different options. The machine comes in 2 different lengths (standard/long) and has 3 to 4 automatic sortings. Only after operating the machine for days, the designers of the machine realized the back pains that can be caused by operating a towelfolder for full days. As a result, special ergonomic attention went into designing the machine, which made the Towelfold different from all the others. Bending to take towels is not necessary, nor is special effort in feeding… and by taking care of automatic belt synchronization, it is still possible to automatically transport the packages to a central package machine.

In short, Lapauw offers a high quality folding machine, at very competitive prices.