Lapauw USA and our worldwide colleagues are busily preparing for the biennial Clean Show, taking place 5-8 June in exciting Las Vegas, Nevada. The Clean Show is the largest textile care exposition in the world that features working equipment and industry education, and Clean 2017 marks 40 years since The World Educational Congress for Laundering and Drycleaning debuted as the premier event for textile care. Industry professionals from around the world will gather to learn and discover the newest and most innovative technology, products, and systems the industry has to offer.

At Clean 2017, Lapauw will be exhibiting Ironing Solutions, Garment Solutions and Cleanroom Solutions:

Ironing Solutions
The cornerstone of the Lapauw booth at this year’s show will be the innovative IRONMAX, the next generation of gas-heated ironers, featuring redesigned chests and bridges for the largest ironing surface available, and the only true parallel thermal oil circuit. IRONMAX offers a host of innovations that, together, provide MAX power, MAX suction, MAX quality, and MAX access. Lapauw will be displaying a two-roll 1200mm IRONMAX at Clean 2017.

Another innovation in Ironing Solutions that will be on display is the IRONPRO, a single roll 500 mm ironer for lower capacity and on-premise (OPL) laundries. With its small diameter line, Lapauw is bringing trademark Lapauw technology like the flexible chest to new markets.

Rounding out our flatwork products on display is Lapauw’s new towel folder, a machine that automatically sorts up to three different sizes of pieces by their length, folds them according to the selected program, stacks them in three separate piles, and ejects the piles when the proper number per stack is reached.

Garment Solutions
The Lapauw HotSTREAM is world-renowned for providing the finest quality garment finish from a tunnel finisher. This is achieved by processing garments shoulder-to-shoulder through a narrow chamber, and by taking advantage of optimal airflow and heating systems. The result is a near-ironed finish every time. Displayed at Clean 2017 will be a Lapauw HotStream Mono T-2 gas-heated garment tunnel finisher.

Cleanroom Solutions
Lapauw’s Mediwave sets the standard for hygiene and wash quality among barrier and cleanroom washers, and Lapauw is proud to display a 110 kg capacity Mediwave washer-extractor at this year’s Clean Show. The Mediwave takes barrier washers into the 21st Century and beyond, thanks to its laundry list of innovations including the glass reinforced polymer exoskeleton, the unique geometric design of the wash compartment outer housing, ergonomic features throughout, easy-open-and-close inner doors, smart LED lighting system, and more!

We invite you to join us at Clean 2017, and we look forward to seeing you at the Lapauw USA display in adjacent booths 3749 and 3647!