Beyond Innovation in ironing, washing, and garment solutions.

From a hospital laundry in Australia to an industrial laundry in Europe to a 5-star hotel laundry in Canada, every Lapauw machine, each Lapauw installation comes with the know-how gathered from around the globe and across the boundaries of the industry.


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Lapauw IronMAX – Customer Feedback

"Top machine!" This single word from Arthur Kok, head of production and Arjan van den Bosch, head of maintenance at Lamme, a major laundry group in the Netherlands and one of the very first users [...]

Beyond Innovation – Lapauw HotSTREAM

Product features dominate commercial literature. Some call it 'USP', others 'advantages'. We at Lapauw plaza call it 'Beyond Innovation'. But what does it mean and what's in it for the customers? Well, take the HotSTREAM [...]

Lord Linen Services – Gold Coast Australia

Located in the sunny state of Queensland and literally on the border with New South Wales, there is the beautiful city of Gold Coast. A paradise for surfers and close to the most famous reef [...]