Vkladače – STARFEED+


Starfeed+ is a single person, one-lane clamp feeding system.
Next to the clamps, the Starfeed+ is equipped with a vacuum box and perforated feeding belts

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Thanks to the clamps, a single operator can feed up to 250 – 300 sheets per hour.
The microprocessor control system enables you to create different programs, adapted to the type of linen you feed.
The Siemens control system puts you in the driver seat and allows you to optimize the feeding quality down to the last detail, from the airspeed through the frequency controlled fans to the tension force on the spreading clamps. The microprocessor offers you room to create up to 100 different feeding programs.

Small pieces? No problem, the clamp feeding system can be programed to move to the sides and liberate the feeding table for manual feeding.ed.

Thanks to the adjustable exit table height and a wide range of working widths, up to 4200 mm, the Starfeed is compatible with any ironer in the market.