Pračky – Pračka s 3komorovým bubnem


The 3-pocket design divides the load into 3 equal, separated compartments, preventing large items from getting entangled. This assures higher operator comfort and faster preparation times at flatwork finishing side.
This is the reason why hotel laundries favour the Combi 3-pocket.
The Combi 3-pocket is available as from 100 to 300 kgs

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Due to the constant spinning in an Open Pocket washer, sheets get entangled. Certainly on the large drum volumes.
A split pocket washer separates the load in smaller batches and because of that, the sheets get less entangled.
This assures easier unloading and more efficient handling between washer and finishing line.
Drum access is one of the most important factors for a washer-extractor, as it defines how easy and fast a washer- extractor can be loaded and unloaded. For split pocket machines it is even more critical because you are working with relatively small compartments.
With 3000 and 3500 cm², the Combi 3-pocket line offers the largest access opening in the market.
The automatic drum positioning system provides optimal alignment for rapid loading and unloading.
The drum is suspended in 4 points only. Specially designed double spring shock absorbers take care of both vertical and horizontal movements.
Not only a very simple and reliable system, a suspended, hanging drum, results in a natural balance, reducing unbalance problems even with heavy loads.
The drum bearings are mounted outside and separated from the outer drum, assuring that any water coming from an eventual leak in the seals does not contaminate the bearing.
Every Lapauw washer leaves the factory already prepared for future water recovery.
The drain has a plug mounted on it that can be used to connect to a water recuperation system, whether it’s new or existing. The microprocessor controller already has the necessary parameter sets to program and manage the recuperation process.
This gives the laundry manager a free choice to decide when to invest in a central or stand-alone water recovery system, the machine is already prepared for either option.
Lapauw also offers a broad range of options for water recovery and stand-alone solutions