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Known for its quality finish, efficiency and large range, the Lapauw continues to shape the laundry industry.

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Lapauw is the only manufacturer that uses a dedicated chest for its gas heated and steam heated ironers. The thin, flexible chest for the gas heated ironers allows a high oil flow, which assures a consistent ironing temperature.
Lapauw is the only ironer manufacturer that manufacturers his chests fully in high grade carbon steel.
With a heat conduction factor 4 times higher than stainless steel, a carbon steel chest propagates heat much faster. By using only carbon steel for its chests, Lapauw assures optimal heat distribution over the full ironing surface, preventing “cold spots”.
Lapauw uses hydraulics to raise the chest. Unlike pneumatic systems, the hydraulic system is independent from external sources.
The smaller hydraulic cylinders are mounted directly on the chest, on equal distances, assuring an uniform distribution of the ironing pressure.
The bridge between the rolls on the 2-roll and 3-roll ironers is gas heated. This provides additional evaporation power to your ironer.
The thick, stitched padding is firmly held in place by the individual springs, assuring it does not shift of get damaged when the ironer runs at high speed.
With the Lapauw individual spring and stitched padding, the Lapauw ironer is prepared for the speeds of tomorrow.
The Lapauw ironer is designed with the total cost of ownership in mind : from the of-the-shelve components to systems, like the propeller shaft, that minimize installation and maintenance costs.