Dealer in the spotlight: Petter Tellefsen

The Norwegian market is a small but highly specialized and technical market, where a local dealer is indispensable.

Since over 30 years, we have found a partner in Tellefsen.

Tellefsen, who started as a sole proprietorship that offered sales of smaller laundry machines and technical service to laundry customers, gradually developed the need to offer larger laundry equipment to customers. This way, Lapauw became a natural supplier of this equipment.

Today, Tellefsen is well known in the Norwegian market as a solid partner that offers the full range of Lapauw machinery. As with the islands ASVO laundry project, where Tellefsen took care of the laundry that incorporated a complete Lapauw stripping line, a Lapauw 300 kg washer extractor and a Trolley-Wash.

Tellefsen also made Norway one of the lead countries to adopt the Mediwave barrier washer concept.

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